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Helping Your Business Online Through Covid-19

By March 16, 2020March 24th, 2020No Comments
Helping Your Business Online Through Covid-19 1

Here to Support You & Your Business

Solve is here to support you through this uncertain time. Here you will find a few adjustements we are making and some helpful tips.

Firstly we would like to send you all our well wishes & hope you and your families will be safe now and always!

Second, we would like to wish your business well! Whatever the next few weeks may hold, it is important to keep your online presence solid & help your customers understand how you will operate through these challenging times.

Open for business with a few adjustments

Solve will be open for business & we will be temporarily adjusting the way we operate:

  • Many of you already have urgent requests to put out notices, publish newsletters and inform your clients of any changes
  • Prioritising these business-critical requests, there may be a delay in other scheduled works. It may take us a little longer than usual to reply to your queries. Rest assured that we will be getting to your requests as soon as we can.
  • We will be holding virtual meetings via the phone, skype or WhatsApp only to limit your and our Team’s exposure to the general public. If we have a meeting scheduled with you in the next few weeks, we will be in touch to swap a face to face for a screen to screen meeting instead. Please keep your allocated meeting time in the diary, as we will likely try and stick to this.

Where possible, we will enable our Team to work from home. If you cannot reach us in the office by phone, please send your requests to and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Your online presence is your most important asset now

With more people going into self-isolation, your online presence will be vitally important for your business to get through this difficult time.  People in self-isolation will no doubt spend more time online, which could result in a positive effect for online businesses.

Many people will spend the next few weeks browsing the web continuously and no doubt spending their money online. If your business is supplying goods, you may even find an increase in demand.

We recommend that you keep your customers up-to-date with how you are going to operate.

Prepare for the necessary changes & think out of the box. Is there anything your business could offer to your local community? Could you adjust the way you work to keep risk at a minimum & still provide a great service?

If you find your business in a bit of a pickle, get in touch and we can try and work on a solution to get you back on track.

Keep positive and reduce stress levels

With so much information and misinformation available, it can be overwhelming. Look after your own mental health and remember to not overindulge in social media feeds.

Keep your business social media posts informative, reliable and fun. If people engage with your entertaining presence through this time, they will likely be your customer in the future!

Should your business experience a quiet patch, stay calm and use this time to restructure, tidy that long-overdue paperwork and analyse your numbers. You’ll be ready to come back with a vengeance with more understanding and clarity than ever! Time to work on your business, not in your business.

In your free time, this might be the perfect time to start meditating, digging out your yoga mat or taking nice long baths. Relaxation is a huge key to wellbeing, so if you go through a quiet patch, use it to rejuvenate yourself!

Health and happiness xxx
The Solve Team

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