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If you want your website to rank on Google then you need searh engine optimisation (SEO). Showing up high in Google organic searches show’s how relevant, trustworthy and authoritive. To stay at the top, your website needs to stay up to date with the latest SEO practices.

We are proven to help you get higher rankings in Google, more rankings in Google and more traffic. Ultimately increasing brand awareness and business. SEO has the best long term ROI out of any other marketing channels.

An SEO package allows SEO experts and specialists to look at problems and oppertunities and solve those to maximise your websites potential online. SEO is best perfomed progressivley over time. See our proven SEO results here.

* See detailed SEO audits below.


There are a number of factors that can affect your site’s online presence and search engine results. With an audit, we can identify these factors and advise which are the most important factors that your site may be missing, or can be improved upon, in order of priority. At Solve, we have a proven formula that will improve your online presence long term


An SEO audit is an in-depth look into your website and surrounding influential factors. An SEO audit should be considered as a frequent essential process for any website that wants to maximise it’s potential online. Especially if being found in Google is important to your business. Choose an SEO audit here (


There are 100’s of factors that can be fixed or optimised to enhance your online presence. Many of these SEO factors we consider as standard best practice. Although surprisingly many websites miss these essential requirements. We apply changes and recommendations to your site and offsite entities based on your SEO plan. If you have your own web developer, then we can provide details of areas to fix and improve upon and they can make changes. Although from experience, it is often cheaper and more effective if we apply any SEO recommendations.


There are huge opportunities online for those that have a solid online foundation and a well-strategised marketing plan. These online opportunities can be found with detailed research and years of specialist SEO knowledge.


Our team of SEO and web design experts will apply advanced search engine optimisation and online improvements to maximise your business potential and get seen online.


Reporting is essential to make the website is on the right track. All packages receive a regular website health check update, traffic report and Google ranking report. The internet evolves, competitors catch up and your website changes. So we re-check the vital foundations of your site health and continually improve your online presence over time. This is the best method of maximum long term success online.

Phase 1 – SEO audit & SEO health check

There are a number of factors that can affect your site’s online presence and search engine results. With an audit we can identify these factors and advise which are the most important factors that your site may be missing, or can be improved upon, in order of priority.

Phase 2 – Monthly SEO packages 

SEO works best when you apply best practices and techniques regularly. We strategise and apply industry leading techniques as part of a monthly strategy.

Benefits / FeaturesEssentialStandardAdvancedCustom
A reactive SEO maintenance plan. We focus SEO on the key fundamentals of your site’s health and performance online.
A proactive SEO maintenance plan. We focus and enhance the SEO of a variety of factors to keep the site healthy and develop a strong online presence.
We focus and develop the SEO of a wide variety of factors that keep your site healthy and maximise your potential for growth and success online in multiple areas.
Our unlimited package that enhances and develops strategy for all areas of SEO including the latest techniques and progressions in the industry.
Ideal For A neat plan for those who understand the importance of SEO but have a smaller budget.Ideal for those who want to apply a variety of best practices.Ideal for those who want to apply a strong and developed SEO strategy.A custom SEO package for those who like to stay ahead of the trend.
SEO care packageAs part of an SEO plan, we include a care package. You can see what's included in our care packages in the section below
Monthly SEO health checkAll websites need to be in good working order to rank well in Google. The SEO check covers many technical factors that directly impact user experience and how Google crawls your site
Local SEOThere are some fundamental factors that show Google and real people that you are a real brick and mortar business. We make sure these factors are in good order and are best optimised to help establish the trust and relevance your site needs
Usability improvementsThese are changes to improve the user experience. Real people look and use the site so it’s important the customer experience is seamless
On-site SEOThere are many optimisations that can be applied to your website. We will apply proven formulas and best practices to your site, which will help Google and real people understand your offering correctly
Initial SEO AuditAn SEO audit is an in-depth look into your website and surrounding influential factors. An SEO audit should be considered as an essential process for any website that wants to maximise it’s potential online. Especially if being found in Google is important to your business.

Content SEOThe internet says content is king. It is vitally important you have valuable, informative expert and authoritative content. This helps customers understand your offerings and can generate lots of lovely ongoing traffic

Content promotionNow you have lots of lovely expert, authoritative and trustworthy content, we need to get it out in front of your potential audience. These positive signals tell Google that people love your content and then prefer to show it to new people

Keyword ResearchKeyword research is paramount for every sucessful SEO campaign. It allows you to understand what real people are searching for and target your website appropriately

Customer Research We will help you identify customer segments, needs and behaviours.

Competitor ResearchCompetitor research helps understand what your competitors are doing. And spot opportunities that can be applied to your website and marketing

Off-site SEOHaving links and positive signals from the rest of the internet sends positive signals to Google that real people love what you do. In return Google promote your site as it thinks you are relevant, trustworthy and authoritative

Social strategiesWe will promote campaigns to new target audiences. We will also use these strategies to help boost other campaigns

Paid strategiesSEO is a long term strategy for long term gain. If you need to reach new audiences quickly, then paid campaigns are an easy win if done correctly

Video SEO Youtube is the 2nd largest search engine after Google. We can get your videos seen that will tell the story of your business and promote your products to a wider audience.

National SEOIf you want to get found online nationally, then you are competing with the rest of the nation. We will focus on National SEO to achieve national results in Google

International SEOIf you want to get found online Internationally, then you are competing with the rest of the nation. Therefore more work will need to be done to win in Google

Progressive SEOThe internet evolves at a phenomenal pace. Being able to adhere to new latest techniques enables your site to be ahead of the curve. Which makes it easier for you to beat your competitors and get seen online

Monthly price

From £399+VAT

From £799+VAT

From £1,199+VAT

From £1,999+VAT

Monthly SEO care package

All of our monthly SEO plans have a care package built into them which can be upgraded. We include this service to keep you in the loop about the work we complete and the success of the SEO implementation, after all, our success is your success.

Benefits / FeaturesBasic CareStandard CareAdvanced Care
Short and sweet, a simple care package that looks after the necessities. Included with the “Essential” monthly SEO plan
Our most popular care package that adds the personal touch to the day to day running of your campaign. Recommended for the “Standard” and “Advanced” monthly SEO plan
Our premium care package for those who would like a higher level of support and some advice along the way. Recommended for the “Unlimited” monthly SEO plan
Monitor w/ ind leading toolsWe monitor your onsite and offsite presence with a variety of industry leading softwares and tools
Monitor manually for SEO errorsYour dedicated SEO specialist will evaluate your site manually for SEO errors
Annual success reportAn annual report to see how far you’ve come and compare your success year on year
Ranking reportA monthly report of how your site is ranking in search engines
Website health & traffic reportA website health and traffic report will be sent monthly
List of work doneA monthly email detailing the work completed
Monthly callMonthly 15 minute call to run over the monthly SEO reports (Additional time chargeable)

Manual website reviewEvery six months we'll carry out a detailed website review by our webdesign and SEO experts. This will highlight issues & opportunities

Executive summaryWe will add relevant custom notes to reports as necessary

Strategy reviewThe internet evolves and there are always new opportunities. Every six months we will review your SEO strategy

Monthly strategy meetingWe allocate monthly dedicated time to create, review strategies and find further SEO opportunities with our team of SEO and web design specialists. If necessary, these points will be recommended for implementation

Consultancy Time allocated to answering your questions and giving advice. (60 mins allocation. Additional time chargeable)

Additional services

Benefits / FeaturesIf on-going plan activeNo on-going plan active
ConsultancyConsultancy is statigic and technical advice on your campaigns. Charged at 1hr minimum and 30 minute blocks thereinafter

£80+VAT per hour

£120+VAT per hour

Training / WorkshopsIf you would like to learn some of the technical detail and learn how to achieve what we achieve yourselves. We offer bespoke training. Charged at 1hr minimum and 30-minute blocks thereinafter (If a remote workshop is required, travel time and mileage will be charged)

£120+VAT per hour

£120+VAT per hour

Custom report setupSetup Fee



Additional meetingsOnsite meetings are a fixed cost for up to two hours meeting time. Local visits for companies within a 45min radius. Any offsite meetings outside of that area will be quoted. Additional time charged in 30 minute blocks



Website MigrationIf you are launching a new website or changing a to a new domain name, then it's business critical that the website in moved in an SEO friendly way



SEO Audit FAQ’s

What is an SEO Audit and what does SEO audit mean?

An SEO audit is a review of a wide variety of the key factors that are affecting your site, carried out by SEO specialists.

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What is included in an SEO audit?

Our packages range from identifying the key factors that are affecting your site’s performance to providing all the necessary data and files to an in-house web developer that can make all the required changes.

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Why is an SEO audit important?

An SEO audit is important for your business to maximise it’s potential. There could be area’s that you’re missing out on. Solve SEO Specialises could help you and your business reach new heights.

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Can I have an SEO audit for an existing website?

Yes. Our SEO Specialists can check your website against historic data find ways to improve on what you’re already doing.

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Can I have an SEO audit for a new website?

We suggest a foundation package. This covers the main fundamental factors to maximise the potential of your new website. Please get in touch for more information.

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How long does an SEO audit take?

Depending on the size of your website an SEO Audit can take between one week to over a month. It all depends on how much data there is to go through.

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How much is an SEO audit?

Prices start at £320+VAT for a basic audit. For a more in-depth audit you can get a complete Audit with files for £1280+VAT.

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Can my current web developers make the recommended changes?

Yes. If you have an in-house web team or existing developer that you would like to apply our recommendations, we can provide the data and files to implement the changes.

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