Simple & effective company logo design

Along-side your flashy new website Solve can assist with your logo. Your brand is incredibly important and helps towards your overall success.

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Logo Design Company in Cornwall

What is a logo?

Beyond an unforgettable logo, great branding will give you that edge in a growing competitive market. Your brand is your promise to customers of what they can expect from your products and services. Your brand’s aim is to set your company above and distantly apart from all other companies selling similar products or services. Imagine your logo is the keystone and that your website, packaging and promotional materials all form the archway that the keystone keeps from collapsing.

Here at Solve we take your brand very seriously and commit to making sure that your logo and branding is fit for purpose in every possible facet of visual communication. Whether its being used on your companies social media profile, website, advertising, product packaging or even branding your fleet: Solve has you covered in its abilities to foresee, customise and tailor to your companies branding needs.

Why will a logo help me?

There are a handful of important reasons why a strong brand is good for your company.

  • Branding improves company recognition.
  • Branding creates trust in your product/service.
  • Branding helps with your advertising.
  • Branding can increase your company’s financial value.
  • Branding inspires your staff to be passionate.
  • Branding attracts new customers with word of mouth and inspired visual identity.

Logo Design Examples