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How We Empower Mental Health and Wellbeing in the Workplace

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How we empower mental health and wellbeing

We have always felt strongly about supporting our team’s wellbeing, be it mental or physical. Ultimately, we believe that body and mind are so entwined that if we nurture one, the other will benefit!

Friendship and Respect at the Core

Some of the best friendships start in the workplace, so we choose our team members not only for their beautiful brains but their personalities too. This is where wellbeing at work starts for us at Solve.

“We have created a workplace where we connect as humans, not just co-workers. Emotional intelligence is a key factor to success and we nurture this at Solve.”
Nadine Harmer, Co-director.

Adventurous staff days out are a huge key to knitting our team together and getting to know each other outside of work establishes trust and a sense of belonging. The better we know our workmates, the more we can be in tune with their needs. As well as supporting each other through tough times, we can share the joy and spread our spark if we feel close to our team. Having that kind of compassion and empathy makes everything better… at work and at home!

We also offer a private healthcare plan which includes access to a mental health hotline. Some of the regular little perks we offer are fresh fruit and superfoods, stretch and flex sessions, essential oils diffusing into the workspace, birthday lunches and so much more.

“Solve goes above and beyond to find unique and creative ways to improve the wellbeing of their team. Keeping the kitchen stocked with smoothie ingredients, providing an e-bike, staff days out (most recently, coasteering and a boat trip!), delicious brunches… the list goes on!  It is clear that our directors truly care about their team and understand the importance of balancing work and mental health in the tech industry.” Mia Cuff, Digital Designer.

Solve team members seeing dolphins on a boat trip.
Staff adventure with Coast Boat Trips

Gifting Empowerment

For our Christmas do we ditched the booze and embarked on a journey of healing and resilience. We learned the Wim Hof Method, which is a combination of meditation, breathing exercises, and exposure to the cold that can help regulate stress levels.

“I have been practising the techniques to help me through stressful times for over a year now. I have learnt to hold my breath for 4 ½ minutes and take cold showers most days. It is amazing how much stronger, clearer, and happier I feel.” Lawrence Harmer, Co-director.

During one of Cornwall’s wild winter storms, we got into our swimmers and braced gale force winds and hail. We each mastered 2 minutes in a barrel of icy water with zen smiles on our faces!

The Solve team learning the Wim Hof Method
Wim Hof breathing workshop

The sense of achievement still feels phenomenal. One of our pixel pushers has now fully embraced the learned techniques and incorporates them into his daily life. Coldwater swimming is proven to improve mental health and the workshop has inspired him to do just that. Even the Solvers who thought they might opt out of the ice bath, absolutely rocked it and we are so proud of you all!

“I’ve been at Solve just under 3 months and I’ve seen a HUGE improvement in not only my professional life but personal as well. I genuinely look forward to going to work every day.”
Perry Hughes, Web Developer.

Pandemic and Mental Health

As employers, we can change the narrative to inspire positivity and shift the focus to self-care, which is more important now than ever before, since the pandemic.

“We can use this situation to emerge stronger, healthier, and wiser than ever before. We are having the opportunity to review our lives, change our habits and get our priorities right. Most of us now realise how much we value our health and it is time to take charge of it!”
Nadine Harmer, Co-director.

Taking mental health seriously is so important and we want to show our commitment to this cause. We are currently in the process of rebuilding a website free of charge for inspiring Cornish mental health charity, Sea Sanctuary.

Solve Space

Our Nansledan office is designed to inspire and lift spirits. We are surrounded by happy colours and images, natural materials, plenty of daylight, and as many plants as we can fit in. Access to outside space is vital when working with screens. Even the nearest beach is within reach, thanks to the new office e-bike.

Friendly pets can join their humans at work where possible and everyone loves a cuddle with our very own wishing dragon, Nika. Research has shown that petting a dog lowers the stress hormone cortisol and the social interaction between people and their dogs increases levels of the feel-good hormone oxytocin.

Pets in the office have positive metal health implications- Nika is a common visitor to the office.
Nika working hard and taking care of business

Solve Work Perks

At Solve, we are firmly committed to achieving the right work-life balance. From the outset, we recognised that this is essential to the well-being and happiness of our team. We understand that fostering a healthy, collaborative office environment is key to achieving this goal. We place a strong emphasis on building positive relationships between our team members through regular social events. We enjoy joint birthday lunches, pub club and team building days in the local area.

We strive to get the best out of our client’s businesses, as well as improve the lives of everyone involved. It’s all about creating positivity and success. It’s a natural choice to provide an environment where our team can thrive, both professionally and personally. That’s why we offer a wide range of wellbeing perks, from meditation apps and cycle-to-work schemes, to stretch n’ flex classes and kombucha drinks (see our diagram below for more examples). We also believe in the power of Flexi working, and offer regular mental wellbeing workshops to help everyone stay connected and engaged. These are just a few examples of how we’re creating a happy and productive team.

How We Empower Mental Health and Wellbeing in the Workplace 1
Solve work perks to help boost positive mental well being in the workplace

Swapping Screens for Vitamin Sea

Working in such close proximity to the beaches and surf, we encourage flexible start & finish times. This enables us to maximise daylight hours. We have been known to nip off for a cheeky surf, resuming our duties when the tide has changed. Surfing is a huge part of the Cornish lifestyle. It’s a big adjustment for surfers to grow up, get a day job and miss the swell.

We try to make sure there’s an opportunity to have a successful career and still be true to ourselves.

Even when it is not all about the surf, getting enough of that very important Vitamin D is more important than ever!

“We spend more daytime hours at work than with our friends and often family. Let’s make this time count and contribute to our well-being. If we love what we do, it reflects in our work. If we love who we do it with, it reflects in our lives!”

Lawrence and Nadine Harmer, Co-directors.

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