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Solve-ing the Women in Tech Gender Gap

By February 22, 2021March 3rd, 2021No Comments
Solve-ing the Women in Tech Gender Gap 1

With women in tech representing just 19% of the workforce and 78% of tech directors typically male, it’s safe to say that the tech industry is largely male-dominated. Never one to follow the status quo, the trailblazers here at Solve are helping create a more diverse future with a techy team that’s over 75% female, with strong female minds even at director level. 

From SEO, content and coordination to web design, graphics and management, our team consists of a network of talented, intelligent females that are proving themselves as solid role models to the next gen of techs. 

Solve-ing the Women in Tech Gender Gap 2

The lack of females in the tech industry as a whole mirrors the trend across the SEO segment. 

The current ratio of men to women in SEO is just 3 to 1 in the UK according to a recent survey. With just under 25% of female workers, women are typically underrepresented in SEO. But we’re anything but ‘typical’ at Solve. We’re turning the stats on their head with an SEO team that’s largely female and a women to men ratio of 2 to 1.

Why aren’t there more women in tech?

There are various barriers facing women in the tech industry from pay inequality, lack of flexible working and fewer advancement prospects. 

According to a recent survey, 60% of women believed there was a gender pay gap in tech, and 22% were put off entering the industry as they thought there was a lack of opportunities to climb the ladder.

What’s more, 50% of women considered things like flexible working important to them when applying for a new role – something that not all companies offer.

Similar studies have revealed that over half of women want to feel that their job is contributing to making the world a better place too, and so tech companies are being urged to do more to show how their businesses can be used as a force for good.

Solve-ing the Women in Tech Gender Gap 3

The Force is Strong with Solve

Solve’s ethics is one of the reasons why we’ve proved such a popular choice for these high tech heroines. 

As well as having a solid history of delivering successful SEO strategies and high-performance websites that get results, we strongly believe that we can use our business to change the world for the better, rather than turning a profit at its expense. 

As one of the few B Corps in Cornwall, we consider our team, the community and the environment in all of our decisions, and having a positive impact on the world is part of our commercial objectives. 

We’re audited to ensure our practices are fair and considerate both internally and externally. We lead various environmental initiatives and community projects. And we also look after the health and wellbeing of our team too, through things like mindfulness practice, daily yoga, staff socials and individualised health plans. Overall, we’ve created an environment that’s flexible, mindful, social and positive. 

Solve-ing the Women in Tech Gender Gap 4

What’s more, as a progressive, forward-thinking business, we offer our staff flexible hours and work-from-home opportunities. We’re a flat organisation that works collaboratively across functions, offering multiple opportunities for personal and professional development. 

To engage with the next generation of techs, we look out for young talent and are open to giving people a foot in the door in the industry. We offer work placements to students and quite often, jobs when they complete their studies. 

Solve-ing the Women in Tech Gender Gap 5

Why are women important in tech?

Studies show that as diversity increases so do profits. A more diverse management team means a more innovative approach and better financial performance. Women also think differently from men, bringing new perspectives to the boardroom, challenging opinions and refreshing ideas. Finally, more women in tech provide better role models for the next generation, encouraging younger females to study STEM subjects and progress into the tech industry. 

There’s no doubt that the strong female minds at Solve are major contributors to our success. We’re known for our innovation, creativity and attention-to-detail. And this is down to a driven, collaborative team of diverse genders, ages, skills and experiences all bouncing off one another to create a balanced strategy for each and every client.

Solve-ing the Women in Tech Gender Gap 6

Solve’s Female Legends

So, let’s meet Solve’s women in tech role models and see what inspiring words they have for the tech industry’s next generation.

Solve-ing the Women in Tech Gender Gap 7

Nadine Harmer | Top Tech Company Director

Even with a newborn in her arms, Nadine continues to drive Solve forward. From HR to finance, she keeps the good ol’ ship Solve steering towards success. 

“We don’t choose new team members by age or gender, but by their beautiful brains and personalities. The skills you need to succeed in this industry are not limited to either, male or female. It’s about how you use your own interests and turn them into skills.”

Solve-ing the Women in Tech Gender Gap 8

Esme Berrington | Technical SEO Superstar

In an industry that changes every second, Esme keeps on top of all the latest trends and techniques, creating innovative SEO strategies that are proven to get results

One of the best things about the tech sector is that there’s so much free information out there & such a great active community – don’t be afraid to ask questions, and reach out!.”

Solve-ing the Women in Tech Gender Gap 9

Francesca Hume | SEO & Analytics Aficionado

Working closely with our expert Esme, ‘Ches’ uses her forensically trained mind to delve deep into analytics and uncover hidden opportunities for growth.

“Try different things and don’t write things off by assuming that you wouldn’t enjoy them. If possible, get experience in different fields to discover what does and doesn’t work for you.”

Solve-ing the Women in Tech Gender Gap 10

Mia Large | Web Design and Graphics Guru

Mia’s eye for style and design, together with her artistic flair creates websites and graphics that look and feel great.

“If you feel a genuine passion and interest – go for it! If you have a love for it, the possibilities are endless. Look out for employers that are keen to educate and help you grow within your role.”

Solve-ing the Women in Tech Gender Gap 11

Erin Madden | SEO Content & General Wordy-Wizardry

Erin’s unique way with words speaks to customers and search engines alike, creating content that gets better rankings and better responses.

“You can be anything you want to be. Tech is a growing industry with endless opportunities and your skills say much more about you than your gender.”

Solve-ing the Women in Tech Gender Gap 12

Claire Ray | Slick Content Writer

Claire’s beautiful storytelling comes together in unique, compelling content that ranks and builds an audience.

“Technology doesn’t distinguish between gender, race or class. I like to think that technology enables everyone to have a voice and the possibilities are endless. If you have the vision and the passion then technology is there to help you make that a reality”

Solve-ing the Women in Tech Gender Gap 13

Keavy Graham | Project admin, coordinator & helpful hero

Where would we be without Keavy? She’s the glue that holds us all together, ensuring all the magic comes together to produce the results that our clients love. 

“The tech industry is so vast and there is a place for everyone. Bring your personality to your career and you’ll be surprised where the path leads you.”

Stay Tuned for More Inspiration

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