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Happy Christmas From Team Solve! [2019]

By December 23, 2019April 13th, 2022No Comments
Solve Christmas Banner

We would like to send you a heartfelt thank you for sharing this last epic year with us

We’ve so enjoyed working with so many prospering businesses this year, as well as receiving invaluable support ourselves by the wonderful Oxford Innovation & Unlocking Potential.

Solve has been on an incredible journey in 2019. We have expanded in web design, content and admin, allowing us to prosper in key areas and provide a complete suite of SEO and web design services to our clients.

The team has grown and so have our efforts to support our amazing planet! We’re incredibly close to our dream of becoming a B Corp organisation, committing to using our powers for good. This means we consider the impact of our decisions on our clients, team, community and above all, the environment.

Together we support Surfers Against Sewage & started to grow the Forest of Solve

Once again, instead of showing our love this Christmas with cards and well wishes, we do more!

It has been a whole year since we started our support for Surfers against sewage, but that was just the beginning.

This year, we continue to support Surfers against sewage as our gift to you, your children and loved ones. Each month Solve is contributing to protecting our oceans and coastlines in the hope of a bright and healthy future for us all and our amazing planet!

This year’s new amazing project was to help heal our planet is The Forest of Solve. Through organisations like Tree-Nation, we’ve been planting much-needed, carbon-eating trees around the world. So far, we’ve planted over 1500 trees and every month, we plant 100 more.

A little gift…

As our special Christmas treat to those we work with, in 2020, we’ll be planting each person that we work with, a tree. A tree that will still be standing long after the festive season is over – just like our working relationship. The tree symbolises the growth of your company with Solve and we can do this, whilst helping the planet and people.

From all of us at Solve, we wish you all great success and happiness for the coming year. May your businesses flourish and give you space to enjoy your lives and families.

Solve Party

As many of you enjoyed our tips to reduce your impact on the environment last year, here they are again, as current as ever!

Try Local Tipples

Cornwall and many other regions across the UK now offer a variety of delicious, wines, beers, artisan gins and more. Swap a supermarket bottle for an authentic UK beverage. You will reduce emissions and increase pride in your country. There are some clever people making yummy things on this island!

Everlasting Sparkle Over Everlasting Gift Wrap

Avoid shiny, glittery or metallic wrapping paper. Only paper gift wrap can be recycled. We love wrapping in brown kraft paper. It looks super classy, timeless and it’s cheap! You can add some natural twine for a stylish bow. If you love sparkle as we do, add small reusable Christmas decorations to your bow which can be hung in the tree and used again.

Think About Plastic Alternatives

Try and resist the urge to buy single-use plastics. You can even turn this into present ideas. Local veg boxes, stainless steel straws, reusable coffee cups or local, organic cosmetics are thoughtful and planet-friendly gifts. By supporting small local shops, you are not just gifting to your loved ones, but enabling these shops to keep doing their magic, whilst being kind to the environment.

With love from the Solve team x

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