WordPress Website Hosting

We offer secure, fast, reliable managed WordPress website hosting. Your visitors (and Google) love a website that loads quickly. It gives a better experience to your users and increases Google rankings. We offer an optimised hosting platform which is built to improve your online presence.

What is WordPress Website Hosting?

The term ‘website hosting’ describes where your website lives on the world wide web. It’s a dedicated computer environment (server) designed to host all your website files. All websites need a host, but not all hosting is created equal! WordPress website hosting manages your site’s security, speed, updates, daily backups, scalability and so much more. Your hosting is the foundation from which all your website and online marketing begins, and a slow and insecure host will damage your online presence from the outset.

How can improved website hosting help my business?

Hosting WordPress

Website Speed

Users expect a faster web experience. Site speed has a direct effect on user experience and Google rankings. A WordPress system is inherently heavy and the basic hosting won’t cut it for anyone serious about their website and online presence. We have a WordPress-optimised system that has a positive effect on your rankings and user experience. The main reason is the website speed. Simply put; imagine being on your phone and loading a website. If it takes ages to load, then you simply give up and try another site. Not only do you lose a potential sale, Google knows site speed is extremely important too.

Hack Protection Guarantee

Our optimised hosting has a hack protection guarantee. Being hacked can be catastrophic for your business and is a very real threat with 10,000s of websites hacked each day. We have additional firewalls, monitoring and layers of protection that most other hosts do not offer. In the unlikely event you do get hacked on our optimised servers, we will fix for free* (*terms apply).

Eco-Friendly Website Hosting

Our servers are powered by 100% renewable energy, and we host 100s of websites. Each website is located in a data centre using power 24/7, so by making sure our servers are sustainable, we can all do our bit on our websites too.

Managed WordPress Hosting

We fully support your hosting set up so that you needn’t worry about a thing. From hosting setup to hosting maintenance, we have you and your website covered.

Website Hosting Cornwall

Although our offices are based in Cornwall, the hosting is held in external data centres in Europe (Not USA). Using EU servers is good for SEO, site speed and GDPR compliance.

CDN – Content Delivery Network

If you have international traffic and SEO is important to you, we advise we bolt on a CDN to further increase your site speed. Simply put, a CDN puts your info closer to your visitors to give a better experience. For example, if you have US-based clients, there is a version of your site in a USA location.

Advanced Site Speed

We often adjust your site to give substantial speed improvements. Get in touch for more information.

Why Invest in Better Website Hosting?

  • Fully managed – we look after it for you
  • Fast: Better user experience
  • Fast: Improved user experience
  • Protection from hacking
  • 99.9% up time
  • Faster sites get more sales
  • More user time on site
  • Lower bounce rate

Optimised Website Hosting Features

  • Optimised for WordPress
  • Superfast speed
  • Solve hosting support
  • Eco-friendly web hosting (100% renewable sources)
  • Daily backups
  • One-click restore
  • Hack protection guarantee
  • One-click staging site for development and testing
  • Unlimited data transfer
  • CDN ready
  • Firewall
  • Malware scanning
  • UK & EU based servers (GDPR + Speed)

Results from hosting with Solve

Since moving onto Solve servers, our customers’ page load times have had incredible results!

Solve Hosting Packages 

Benefits / FeaturesStandardOptimised
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
PricePer month +VAT
Visitors / monthAny traffic over quota per month will be charged at £10 per 1000 views
Local storageThe size of your website
3GB10GB20GB30GB100GB - 1TB
Bandwidth / monthHow much data is transferred
25GB50GB200GB400GB400GB +
EnvironmentSharedShared Dedicated
(Only Solve websites)
Shared Dedicated
(Only Solve websites)
Shared Dedicated
(Only Solve Websites)
Dedicated (Sole use)
PerformanceUser experience and search engine benefits



(SEO prefered)


(SEO prefered)


(SEO prefered)


(SEO prefered)
Optimised for WordPressWordPress is a demanding system. Our server are built for this specific system.






Hosting supportSetup, Maintenance and Assistance. Any hosting issue will be solved at no extra charge. We monitor hosting and fix any issues in the unlikely event they occur.
Fully managedWe look after it, so you don't have too.
Dedicated Server IPA single IP to reduce spam.
99.9% uptimeMinimised downtime with low risk levels.
Daily backupsAutomatically backed up everyday.
Basic CDNImproves site speed and security.
Free migrationScript language your site is based on.
PHP 7+ ReadyScript language your site is based on.
UK & EU based servers (GDPR + Speed)Preferred for improved speed, SEO and GDPR reasons.
Testing before migration30 days money back.
Free CDN
Eco-friendlyPowered by 100% Renewable energy
Hack protection guaranteeImproved hack protection. In unlikely event you get hacked we fix for free. In conjunction with our essential maintenance packages

FirewallIncrease security.
One-click backup restoreOne-click restore or backup.

Staging siteOne-click staging site for development and testing.

Malware scanningScan website for malicious codes.
Optional Extra



Pro CDN option + CDN SupportImproves site speed and security. Faster than basic. Especially for international visitors.

Optional Extra
SSL + SSL supportHighly important for trust, security and SEO
Optional ExtraOptional Extra
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
Essential WordPress MaintenanceSee plansSee plansSee plansSee plansSee plans
SSLPer Month +VAT.
Pro CDNPer Month +VAT.
Additional visitsAny traffic over quota per month will be charged.
£10 per 1000 views£10 per 1000 views£10 per 1000 views£10 per 1000 viewsUnlimited
Year Contract - 1 Month notice before annual renewal dateYear Contract - 1 Month notice before annual renewal dateYear Contract - 1 Month notice before annual renewal dateYear Contract - 1 Month notice before annual renewal dateYear Contract - 1 Month notice before annual renewal date