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Base Campers provides high-end VW camper van conversions, sales, accessories and servicing in Cornwall.


  • New optimised website
  • Custom/Bespoke WordPress theme design
  • SEO Foundation
  • Website maintenance
  • Fast & secure optimised hosting


  • Some serious love and sweat (and magic) went into this work with another custom theme wrapped around an open design brief. Lots of fun to make and a joy to behold post-launch.
Base Campers Website 1 Base Campers Website 2

Case study: Optimisation of automotive website

What we did

  • Optimised hosting
  • Ongoing SEO
  • Content marketing
  • Site maintenance
  • PR

What we achieved

  • A well sculpted blog article was put together and more users have landed on this page than any other. Over the last year 23,446 user have landed on this page.


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Traffic increase

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